Friday, September 18, 2020

Post-Election Alliance 

Parents urged to be More vigilant

Chamasiri TTI to be equipped-CS Magoha

Puzzle of Missing Infant at Thika Hospital

Women Held Over FGM Activities

Low Cost Housing in Mombasa

Government plans to build ten parks to boost innovations

The government plans to construct ten science and technology industrial parks to enable scholars, innovators and enthusiasts actua...

Leaders Condemn Baragoi Killings

Samburu Woman Representative Maison Leshomo has called on the interior ministry to conduct a security operation in Baragoi to weed...

State Moves to Commercial Fishing Farming

Banana farmers want county government to get market for their produce

Over 2 Billion Set for Compensation in Kariminu Dam Project

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Post-Election Alliance 

Cherangany Member of Parliament Joshua Kutuny has defended his recent active involvement in Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM) activities saying it was within the post-election agreement en...

Parents urged to be More vigilant

Contractor Seeks Extension of Wote Stadium Project

Construction of Wote stadium in Makueni county may not be completed on time after the contractor Traphes and Nitram Enterprise Limited, sought an extension of two months due to cha...

Sports Kenya Threat to Revoke Ruring’u Stadium Contract

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Women Held Over FGM Activities

Police in Narok are holding two women who were arrested at Olorropil area Narok North Sub County yesterday for subjecting two teenage girls to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). C...