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Leader tells off those ‘tarnishing’ Machakos Senator’s name

Local leaders in Mwala Sub County allege that some of those who lost in the Machakos’ Senatorial by-election have now turned to social media to soil the image of Agnes Kavindu Muthama.

Led by Kamwala Sub location Council of Elders Chair Pius Kyululi, the leaders have now told off the alleged individuals advising them to accept the outcome of the March 18 by-elections in which Kavindu was declared the winner after garnering a total of 104,352 votes out of a total tally of 130,617 ballots cast.

“We want to strongly condemn those using the social media to spread propaganda and malicious claims against Senator Agnes Kavindu to immediately cease doing so. It is unfortunate that some individuals who lost in the elections can employ the media platform to dupe the public that the Senator is distributing water tanks and motorcycles with the sole aim of just putting a wedge between her and the people,” he alleged.

Kyululi urged those criticizing the lawmaker to support her for the remaining part of her term and thereafter evaluate her track record before making their ultimate choice on whether or not to elect her back into the office next year.

On Sunday, Kavindu had cautioned the public to be wary of persons she alleged were using her images to create Facebook pages and duping locals that she was dishing out motorbikes, water tanks, and securing employment opportunities for those in need of jobs.

She said the unscrupulous individuals were duping unsuspecting members of the public by asking them to send some amount of money to mobile phone numbers before they could get the donations.

“There are fraudsters using my photographs to create Facebook and Twitter pages and later duping members of the public to send money with a promise of being considered among those who would receive free water tanks or motorcycles. I don’t have such programs in my office and those are criminals. When you see such people, report to the police. I will speak for myself or send my coordinators. The work of a senator is to oversight,’’ advised the Senator.

By Samuel Maina

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