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The Central Region Agriculture Show of Kenya (ASK) has managed to beat odds since its suspension two years ago after managing to surpass its gate collections by a margin of one per cent.

Nyeri Governor, Mutahi Kahiga, admires a wooden hand operated vegetable processor at the Kenya Prisons Stand during the Central Kenya annual ASK show at the Kabiru-ini showground on September 8, 2022.This year’s theme is, “Promoting Innovation and Technology in Agriculture and Trade.” Photo by Wangari Mwangi

The event which began Wednesday had been suspended since 2020 following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic across the globe.

While addressing the media at the Kabiruini ASK Grounds, Thursday, Central Region ASK Chair, Mr. Patrick Karinga, has said the organizers of the event are looking forward to a bigger number before curtains come down on the show this Saturday.

He has similarly hailed both the farmers and exhibitors for making the event a success and advised those who are willing to learn to visit the site.

“This year’s agriculture and Trade Fair will become a success due to the concerted efforts of both organizers, the media and exhibitors who have publicized the activities to the public prior to the opening day. As we speak the number of those who have visited this event has surpassed the one we recorded before the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic. We do expect more people to turn up and come and learn new and innovative agriculture practices to enable them improve their farming through emerging technologies,” he told the press.

Nyeri Governor, Mutahi Kahiga, who undertook the official opening of the event has challenged farmers to adopt new crop and animal husbandry practices in order to cope with the changing global climatic patterns.

He has similarly underscored the need for farmers to exploit the event as a learning session which will not only improve food production but also a business opportunity to turn farming into an economic venture.

Kahiga, while noting the disruptions that had led to the suspension of the event as an obstacle that marred plans in holding the event, has nevertheless said the county would continue to support the event to ensure its continuity in years to come.

“We are glad that this year’s event has managed to bring together a total of 110 exhibits both from the government and private sector to showcase new innovative and technologically savvy methods of farming. This event therefore presents an ideal opportunity to farmers from Nyeri and the larger Central Kenya region to benchmark on methods that can help improve their farming production and make agriculture a lucrative sector,” he told the press.

The County boss has described the event as an ideal platform of learning for the youth intending to venture into agriculture as an economic venture.

Kahiga has also challenged farmers to abandon traditional farming methods and embrace new technologies through emerging innovative systems and use of improved seed varieties.

A notice from the ASK official website states that the annual agricultural event will run from September 7 to September 10.

This year’s theme is “Promoting Innovation and Technology in Agriculture and Trade”.

Among those who have showcased their products during this year’s event include trade and allied industries, youth enterprises, women-based organizations and institutions of higher learning.

By Samuel Maina and Wangari Mwangi

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