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Home Based Care

One of the positive outcomes of the coronavirus pandemic is the popularization of Home-Based Care (HBC) by the government, and wananchi should embrace it for the management of other diseases since it reduces the possibilities of contracting bacterial diseases from hospitals.

The Director of Rafa HBC College in Nakuru Town, David Maina, said the advantages of home health care are boundless such as faster recovery, reduced pain levels because of the familiar surroundings, independence and family support.

A trained nurse assistant at Rafa Home Based Care (HBC) College taking care of an autistic child at home, while at the same time assisting him to learn

While speaking to KNA Friday, during an interview at the college on Friday, Maina said the loss of independence and being surrounded by unfamiliar faces have been proven to increase discomfort for patients just like the fear of white coats, which makes patients become nervous and raises blood pressure levels.

‘’Being in a warm and loving environment of your home helps the mind to relax and relieves stress and enables a healthy mindset. Familiar surroundings are proven to help patients heal faster,’’ says Maina.

In addition, he said HBC has been utilized by developed countries for a long time because they realized quite earlier that it’s cost-effective as there are no bed and meals charges.

Apart from that, HBC offers individualized services that are tailored to the client’s health care needs and finances. However, he said critically ill patients require hospitalization since installing expensive machines such as ventilators in homes would beat the logic of HBC.

Maina said he relocated from Britain where he used to work as a physiotherapist when he realized there was a gap in HBC and the emotional struggles which the diaspora go through when their elderly parents and relatives fall sick.

He said that their HBC trained nurse assistants are popular and they are sourced from all parts of the country, especially for those who have realized that they have the expertise of assessing client needs including appropriate diet.

Commending the government for finally appreciating the critical role that HBC plays in disease management, he added that it was time wananchi realized that unintentionally, hospitals transmit bacterial and viral diseases such as tuberculosis because by the time a patient is tested and isolated transmission has already occurred.

By Veronica Bosibori

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