IG confirm attack


A team of multi-agency security team has been dispatched to Hulugho border area in Garissa County to pursue attackers who destroyed a Safaricom mast at the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

Confirming the incident on Wednesday, Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai who was in Garissa for familiarisation tour since his appointment however declined to divulge more information on the incident.

“I confirm that there was an attack though I might not be able to give you more details for now. We are pursuing those responsible,” Mutyambai said.

The IG said the national police services have been working with members of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in operations to flush out Al-Shabaab militant across the region.

The police boss however acknowledged that there were challenges of ambushes by the ragtag militia’s adding that security agencies have made tremendous gains in thwarting attacks in the region.

The attack on the communication mast comes at a time when a similar one was restored following previous attack by suspected Al-Shabaab militants two years ago cutting off communication of the area to the outside world.

Local reports said that explosives used in the attack were heard 18kms away.

The initial reports from the police said unknown number of suspected Al-Shabaab militia attacked the mast with heavy fire power similar to Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs).

It is said 10 National Police Reservist (NPRs) who were manning the Communication masts were overpowered and their fate is not known since mobile phone communication to area is cut off.

Al Shabaab has found a soft target in border areas where they easily commit their assaults in Kenya and slip away to the border into the war ravaged Somalia.

Two months ago, seven police officers were killed when a vehicle they were traveling ran over an Improvise Explosives Devices (IED) in Wajir County.

Leaders from North Eastern region have expressed their concern over growing attacks by the militant saying the aim of Al-Shabaab militant was to alienate them from other parts of country.

Garissa Governor Ali Korane who was speaking during a youth conference on innovation Wednesday said Al-Shabaab militant are a threat to the region’s social and progressive agenda.

“The government security agencies must do within its means to deal with the runaway attacks in the region,” Korane said.

Korane urged local communities in the area to volunteer information to the security agencies to forestall attacks that he noted have been an impediment to development.
By Jacob Songok

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