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Little China City

A local entrepreneur has built an exciting ‘China City’ named Cyprus City in Nakuru’s industrial area that has been dormant for many years after the collapse of various industries that attracted both local and international tourists.

David Mwangi who’s a seasoned hotelier and chairman of tourism in the county said while developing Cyprus City three years ago, he only had locals in mind as his customers, but he’s amazed by the huge tourists’ attraction it has received from all over the world.

While speaking in an interview with KNA on Friday at the Park, he said he saw a gap in the lack of family entertainment in the newest city in the country and his plan was just to create an amusement park with virtual reality, dance, and play station games for children.

He said parlors and kienyeji food for parents have become a major attraction. But, the place has gone a notch higher and attracted more international tourists and group visits from schools, something that he never anticipated.

Mwangi said the usual travel of tourists from Nairobi to the county to visit Lake Nakuru International Park and then proceed to Masaai Mara and Serengeti parks have now included Cyprus Park and they are excited to have managed to host tourists for two to three nights.

Additionally, he said the choice of Cyprus Park has made him realize that international tourists are seeking something different from what they have in their countries, and hence the preference for traditional foods such as mokimo, which they cherish.

Furthermore, he said, the assumption that children prefer fast foods was misplaced and nothing excites him as he watches them enjoying their weekend lunches and refereeing to it as ‘real food.’

The manager of the park, Naomi Wangeci said the massage chairs were very popular with parents since they are not required to undress themselves like other areas offering similar services in the city.

By Veronica Bosibori and Tracy Akoth

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