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Restoration of Street Children

Nakuru County Government is seeking a partnership with the Trinitarian Sisters, through the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru to assist them rehabilitate street children by providing them with homage and instill moral values through spiritual guidance, education, and counseling.

The County Executive for Social Services Josephine Achieng Wednesday toured the rehabilitation centre that will accommodate over 120 children, once it’s completed, but she didn’t disclose the amount it will cost.

During the tour, Ms Achieng was accompanied by the Chief Officer for Public Participation and Citizen Engagement Edward Gitau, who commended the Titration Sisters for their noble work.

The Congregation Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity, also known as the Trinitarian Sisters of Rome, whose purpose is the glorification of the Holy Trinity, and the education of young girls, have accepted to be in charge of the partnership.

The rehabilitation of street children in the county has for a long time been problematic because the officials tend to equate restoration with confinement, which the street children resent since they are used to freedom.

Seven years ago, a similar centre was constructed at Soilo, some 20 km from the city centre. But they all ran away and returned to the street.

A former street child, Julius Maina, who was rehabilitated by a kind neighbour and is now a teacher, said the easiest and best way to assist street children, was by empowering their families to enable them to have shelter and food.

Maina said unlike other towns most of the street children in Nakuru, have homes and families on the outskirts of the city, where they return to in the evening, which means, hunger drives them to the streets.

Also, he said the for older ones, formal education doesn’t interest them, even if their fees were paid for, but they prefer technical skills that would enable them to start earning as soon as possible.

He urged the Trinitarian sisters to approach the management of street children differently than it has been done before so as to succeed, where the majority have failed.

By Veronica Bosibori


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