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Avocado prices skyrocket in Kisii

The prices of avocados in Kisii town have continued to rise with the region facing a low supply of the commodity.

A spot check by KNA in various markets within the town revealed there is a scarcity of avocados being sold in the market stalls despite the county being one of the main producers of the fruit in the country.

Several small-scale traders have opted to stock other fruits such as mangoes and bananas in their stalls owing to the limited supply and high prices linked to avocados.

According to Joyce Moraa, an avocado vendor at Kisii Municipal Market, the prices of avocados have been increasing because most farmers have resorted to selling the produce to factories as opposed to small businesses in order to get good profits.

“The avocado farmers mainly focus on selling avocado to factories and the remaining stock is sold to us at higher prices, forcing us to sell the same at additional prices so that we earn a profit,” Moraa noted.

Dinah Nyaboke, another avocado seller at Daraja Mbili Market, pointed out that some avocado farmers take immature avocados to factories leading to the slow growth of the fruits.

In addition, she attributed the slow maturity and scarcity of avocados to the effects of climate change which have interfered with weather patterns in the region.

Currently, a basin of avocado is retailing at Sh1000 from around Sh300 and Sh500 while one avocado that would previously cost Sh10 is now being sold at Sh30, slowing down business for small avocado traders who sell the same to consumers.

By Doris Sabera and Sharon Finidy

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