Hyena attacks anger farmers

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Farmers in Lambwe East location in Mbita Sub-county have decried a recent spate of hyena attacks on their livestock.

A farmer, George Okumu said that they were incurring heavy losses following killing of their livestock.

He said livestock was their main source of livelihood and called on the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to urgently address the menace.

The hyenas are believed to be hiding in caves and bushes on Ruri and Kibanga hills in the area.

What is worrying the farmers is that the hyenas are now killing all types of livestock including donkeys, which are usually difficult for them to prey on.

“The hyenas have become a serious threat to our livelihoods and we will now have difficulties paying school fees,” Okumu said.

According to Lambwe East Location Chief Bernard Onditi, the hyenas have killed 10 donkeys in the recent past.

“It is very unfortunate that hyenas continue to kill donkeys in my location. They killed two this week,” Onditi said.

Onditi said almost all residents of Lambwe East keep livestock as their economic mainstay.

However, the hyenas have become a serious obstacle to the farmers who rear livestock.

He said a number of goats have also been killed by the hyenas in the recent past.

“The hyenas have also formed a tendency of killing goats and disappearing with the carcass to the hills. A number of farmers have raised complaints over their goats which have been killed by the hyenas,” he added.

Jane Akinyi, another farmer said the hyena attacks are worrying since they may begin attacking human beings in the near future.

“We are now living in fear that the wild animals can attack people” Akinyi said.

Chief Onditi called on the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to intervene in the matter.

“I urge the KWS to treat this matter as an emergency and trap these hyenas. They are threatening economic wellbeing of residents,” Onditi said.

By Davis Langat

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