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IEBC conducts voter education in Embu

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has called on Embu residents to maintain peace on August 9 as Kenyans will be electing the leaders that will lead the country for the next five years.

Speaking in Embu town during IEBC voter’s education exercise, the IEBC Embu County voter educator Edward Muriithi urged the residents to turn out in large numbers on August 9 to elect their leaders peacefully.

“I urge you to turn out in large numbers on August 9 so that we can all elect the leaders of our choice because it’s your constitutional right to vote,” said Muriithi.

He at the same time called on Embu residents to go back home once they vote so as to maintain peace in the county.

“Ensure that on this day, once you vote in your leaders of choice, please let us go back to our homes and wait for the results from our homes so as to maintain peace,” he said.

The Embu County voter’s educator while illustrating the sample colors of ballot papers that voters should look out for on August 9 during the voting exercise said that all the six elective posts ballot papers will have different colors.

Muriithi called on the residents to ensure that they vote accordingly by marking a ticket within the boxes provided on the various ballot papers, adding that once one has voted by marking the ballot papers accordingly, they will proceed to drop the ballot papers to the various ballot boxes that will be having similar colors of each elective ballot paper.

He said that the visually-impaired voters will not have freedom to vote independently but will be assisted by the presiding officers in the various polling stations in the county.

He said the presiding officers will take an oath of secrecy to ensure that whoever the leader they will be told by the visually-impaired voters or any other voter who may not be able to vote independently, will be the one they will be marking on the ballot papers.

Muriithi called on those people in the county who may in one way or another not be able to vote independently to come out in large numbers since IEBC has ensured that the presiding officers will be able to help them.

He at the same time called the elderly in the county, who may not be able to access various polling stations and they desire to vote, to seek the assistance of their children and grandchildren to ensure that they access the polling stations and help them to vote.

“The IEBC voter’s education is scheduled to take place in Manyatta, Runyenjes, Mbeere South and Mbeere North,” said the IEBC Embu county voter educator Muriithi.

By Justus Anzaya

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