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Kenya ready for CBET

The Ministry of Education is ready for implementation of Curriculum-Based Education and Training (CBET) through Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) institutions.

Speaking at the Meru National Polytechnic during a training of Principals from Mount Kenya region on the Evaluation of CBET implementation, TVET Principal Secretary (PS) Dr. Esther Muoria, said the innovation model has been adopted by TVETs institutions in the country and that learning centers from Mountain region were already implementing it.

“This is the model that we have adopted across Kenya for all our institutions and therefore we want to evaluate the extent to which the new training program is being implemented in the region in order to be sure that we are doing it and doing it in the right way,” said Dr. Muoria.

The PS was glad to announce that CBET program has been well captured in the institutions and this is what we were continually evaluating to see if there are any issues coming up with the rollout, with the aim of addressing them appropriately.

To be able to roll out CBET, she added, we have not only recrafted the curriculum with the Curriculum Development Assessment Certification Council (CDACC) so that it speaks to the skills training, but we are also retooling our trainers to be able to roll out the program well.

“We have been able to launch retooling of trainers with the Government of Kenya and the Kenya School of TVETS, where already we have recrafted 3200 trainers from the national polytechnics and right now, we are doing the other 2900 from the new national polytechnics so that we ensure our trainers are well retooled to run the CBET program,” said Dr. Muoria.

The PS added that the department has been working closely with three Canadian college teams, which have worked for a long time using the CBET system and who have not only been assisting them with the technical expertise, but also the funding.

On the issue of equipment in institutions, the PS said majority of the institutions have the required equipment with the new ones having the best and most modern ones.

“Because we are still growing as a department, there may be a few institutions that are not well equipped, but I want to make it clear that the government is fast-tracking this and will acquire more tools for institutions that do not have them. Already we have 70 institutions which the government is in the middle of acquiring tools for,” said Dr. Muoria.

The acquisition of equipment, she said, is a continuous process and in any case, they have duelled the TVET training by linking all the institutions with the available local industries, where they will be in a position to use their equipment practically.

By Dickson Mwiti

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