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Boys fast fading out in Migori primary schools, says education official

A worrying trend is being witnessed in Migori County where the enrollment rate of boys in primary schools been slowly declining over the past few years.
This follows the large number of boys who are dropping out of class to engage in boda-boda business that has in the recent past gained popularity as the cheapest and reliable mode of transport in the rural areas.
According to a senior education officer in the region Welingtone Onyango, completion rates for girls is slowly catching up with that of boys in most sub-counties in the region.
“In this area we are no longer going to talk about girl-child education being under threat on its own. Instead, we would also be expressing concerns about ours boys’ education,” said Mr Onyango.
He revealed that available records indicate that boys were more than girls from standard one up to five but the number reverses from standard six.
“Boys drop out of standard six where they realise they can make money out of boda-boda business that has become free for all including those who lack driving license,” he noted.
However, the education official announced that they were carrying out a series of sensitization programmes to reverse the trend and called on parents, political and religious leaders to join in the crucial campaign.
At the same time, Onyango underscored the need for local stakeholders to work tirelessly to ensure that all children of school-going age do not miss out on the free primary education and subsequent higher learning.

By George Agimba

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