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Molo elevated to a municipality

Molo town has been elevated to a municipality status.

Speaking at Molo stadium during the issuing of the charter, Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui noted that this status will provide a good platform for attracting investors and the area residents to enjoy development such as infrastructure, agriculture, drainage, education, upgrade of the stadium among other social amenities.

And for this to be realized, the county boss noted that the area will receive a grant to the tune of Sh100 million. This will in turn improve the livelihoods of the locals and receive quality services as well.

He noted that all services required by the locals will be implemented to ensure that their needs are well catered for and promptly addressed.

Kinyanjui said that his vision is to ensure the municipality is well planned through the municipal planners.

A bodaboda representative, Paul Mwinji lauded the effort by the county government in awarding the charter to Molo saying that they have greater expectations, especially in the growth of infrastructure and service delivery to the area residents.

He was glad that the riders will now have access to most parts of the area due to improved road network, thus enabling farmers to take their produce to the market with ease.

According to the urban areas and cities Act of 2011, for a town to attain the municipality status, it must have a population of at least 70,000 to 249,000.

Additionally, they should have the integrated development plan, demonstrable capacity to generate sufficient revenue to sustain its operations, have sufficient space for expansion, as well as the capacity to effectively deliver essential services to its residents among other requirements.

By Emily Kadzo and Hiram Kinuthia

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