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Women urged to join saccos

Women in Taita-Taveta County have been urged to register with savings and cooperative societies as part of investment plans to secure their future.

Taita Taveta County Governor’s wife, Stella Samboja, said women needed to have savings’ plans as part of economic empowerment.

During a meeting, she challenged women in the four

Taita-Taveta Governor’s wife Stella Samboja addressing Sacco women members in Mwatate. Photo by Gidnorah Mkacharo.

sub counties to engage in savings and invest money to start businesses.

The event was attended by Sacco members from four sub counties of Voi, Mwatate, Taveta, Wundanyi. Members of Muslim Women Sacco were also present. The cooperative societies in the county have around 955 members. The saccos have invested in business projects like poultry and basket weaving.

Ms Samboja was accompanied by ‘Girls of Hope’; a consortium of saccos from the central region that focuses on educating women on issues of economic empowerment, investments and dabbling in big projects to achieve high growth.

She encouraged a saving and investment culture in a bid to ensure economic empowerment among women especially at the community levels.

“This localizes Sustainable Development Goals which is about achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls,” she said.

The governor’s spouse hailed the saccos’ progress despite the covid-19 pandemic effect which slowed the registration number of new members.

She further urged the women in the newly formed Muslim sacco to have positive attitude during wealth creation and invest more money to start up projects.

Ms Vumi Ringo, County Executive Committee Member for Cooperative Youth and Sports said, Saccos were important venues to educate the women on the benefits of investments.

She said the knowledge sharing forums with other saccos was meant to inspire them to invest and form big businesses.

“We are today inspired by the achievements of these women. Many have invested in their sacco and have businesses. This will help each Sacco to start their businesses and grow,” said Hilda Mbara, a Sacco member from Sagalla ward.

Ms Mbara asked for support in basket weaving projects as part of their project in Sagalla ward. She said there was a lack of market for the baskets. She also asked for support to buy machines.

Ms Pauline Gichuki, an official with Girls of Hope, said they are encouraging women to get empowered and stop relying on men for everything.

She urged other women to join the Saccos and increase their numbers. Only then would they be able to save more and borrow money to engage in big projects.

By Gidnorah Mkacharo


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