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Three labourers buried as pit latrine caves in Kwale

Three men who were buried alive in a pit latrine they were digging in Kwale County were lucky to have been rescued alive three hours after the ordeal.
They were digging latrines at Madibwani Primary School in Matuga Sub-county when the walls caved in burying them alive on Monday evening.
The trio is recuperating at the Kwale County Hospital where nurses said they are in stable condition.
The first, two were rescued two hours after the incident and it took almost seven hours to save the third victim.
Matuga Sub-county Officer Commanding Police Station, Ludwin Sasati, said the incident took place around 3pm.
He said police swung into action after villagers who witnessed the tragedy raised the alarm.
The villagers were later joined by police officers and County Government Fire Fepartment officials with the help of the local residents.
Madibwani Primary School Chairman, Mohammed Mboga, said the construction was under Desman Enterprise Management.
He said they were making ring beams for the latrines when the walls gave in due to weak soil.
Desman Contractor, Joseph Ochuka, said they started digging the pit latrines two weeks ago.
He said the caving-in of the latrine hole was an accident and no one anticipated it.
The pit was about 20-feet long, according to Ochuka.
Ng’ombeni Chief, Athman Macheso, advised people to look for appropriate machinery and experts while doing any construction.
The Administrator said contractors should provide safety measures to labourers.
He said the place has poor soil and the incident is the second one after some people narrowly escaped death in a similar incident two weeks ago.
By Hussein Abdullahi

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