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Good parenting

Three  teenage boys  who resurfaced on Wednesday, after claims that they had been kidnapped at Elburgon Town in Molo sub-county on Sunday, have confessed the episode was a hoax.

According to the area Assistant County Commissioner (ACC), Naftali Korir, it was established the teens were not kidnapped as they had earlier claimed but feared being punished by their parents and thus, fabricated a story as a cover up.

Korir said that when they went back home, the three boys were taken to a police station and it was at this point that they confessed, clarifying that they feared the harsh punishment their parents would subject them to, for being away from home for four days.

The trio had alleged that while at a soccer field at Elburgon, a vehicle stopped and a male occupant inquired to know where a certain local secondary school was located.

The fake narrative indicated that one of the boys who the enquirer pointed at, refused to approach the vehicle alone and so was accompanied by his two friends upon which they agreed to board the vehicle.

In addition,they alleged that the driver assured them of getting them back at the picking point and that this convinced them to board but upon reaching Elburgon stage, they were sandwiched by two men, then drugged, only to find themselves at an unknown destination, in a forest while wrapped in a blanket.

They lied that the‘kidnappers’ later released them after various phone calls and they ran away only to be assisted by a Good Samaritan who dropped them in Nakuru town from where they walked all the way back home to Elburgon.

The  ACC urged parents to always practice good parenting and nurture values that will bring up a responsible generation.

He advised them to look for appropriate assistance when faced with difficulties so that cases of indiscipline can be dealt with at a tender age.

Members of the public were assured of the children’s safety and reminded to always remain vigilant on such issues.

By  Emily  Kadzo

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