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Governor Wamatangi assumes Kiambu County Office

Kiambu County Governor elect Dr. Kimani Wamatangi alongside his Deputy Governor Roselyn Kirika took their oath of office after winning the just concluded election.


The duo were sworn in at a colorful ceremony presided by Hon Justice Abigail Mshila of the High Court and facilitated by Hon Justice Emily Ominde Chief Magistrate Kiambu Law Courts at the Kirigiti Stadium.


The Governor elect took the affirmation of office in accordance to the assumption of office of Governor Act 2019.


Outgoing Governor James Nyoro who was in attendance handed over the instruments of power to Wamatangi that include the National and County flag, Kenyan Constitution, Public seal and court of arms.


Wamatangi while delivering his speech thanked the people of Kiambu for their immense support, promising them that he will work to deliver his promises as the Governor.


“This is not just a win for me but also for all of us who want to see good governance in practice and bring the change they desire in their everyday lives. We will focus on delivering dependable positive and transformational change for our County,” he said.


Wamatangi added that Kiambu being the second most popular County that plays a major role in shaping the economy of the Country, needs a committed leadership that seeks to return Kiambu long lost glory.


“In my government we will involve our many professionals, artisans, crafts people and others with good ideas to drive our developments agendas for the County which will be mainstreamed in the Kiambu County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP),” he said.


He further noted that his government will have a place for everyone in the development agenda in-order to create a kind of unity that propels the county to great heights.


Wamatangi promised that his government will ensure that they build new ECDE classes and rehabilitate the already existing ones further saying that he will revive and equip technical schools so that they can attract young and unexploited talent to create employable artisans, crafts men while investing in world class digital learning and ICT.


“My administration will establish a digital platform that will monitor and help approve licenses and plans within record time. We shall work to clean up all service delivery sectors and completely eliminate corruption for us to grow a large economy and sustainable growth,” he added.


Wamatangi said that in three years of his administration he will put in place an efficient and reliable healthcare plan and a system that will ensure prompt and affordable treatment and a world class free universal healthcare.


He also noted that in three years his government will put in place strategic water storage and harvesting means ensuring there is clean and piped water in all homes in Kiambu County.


Wamatangi added that Kiambu County has 7 billion pending bills from all tenders given to various business people in the County and payment was not made. He however promised to pay all the debts.


“My government will make sure that within one year we will do everything possible to pay all the people that the County owes money,” he said.


Wamatangi said that he will be holding monthly consultative meetings with members of Parliament and County Assembly and have a round table to discuss matters on which his government will lead the people of Kiambu County.


He also said that every year he will have a sit down with kiambu County residents at the Kirigiti Stadium to listen to their ideas on how his government is working and can work better to improve your lives.


The Deputy Governor Rosemary Kirika said that they will form a democratic government that has an ear for her people and they will listen to the people and be accessible to them.


“We shall listen, consider your ideas and we shall apply prudent financial management tools to ensure that you are satisfied with the way we manage your resources to create sustainable health for you and your future generations,” she said.


Kirika added that the hustlers fund, youth fund, bursaries shall be available to enhance the living standards of the people of Kiambu County noting that they will apply the one man one vote one shilling formula to bring about even infrastructural development in every corner of the County.


Forty five (45) Governors were today sworn  countrywide  between 10am and 2pm. Mombasa and Kakamega Counties Gubernatorial elections were postponed to a later date.


The law states that all newly elected Governors are supposed to be sworn in 10 days after being declared winners by IEBC.

By Wangari Ndirangu and  Evalyne Kamau.


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