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It’s early Christmas for a cerebral palsy victim

It was an unexpected early Christmas for James Mwendia born 22 years ago with cerebral palsy after Kirinyaga Woman Representative Wangui Ngirichi handed over a decent house she built for him.

Mwendia, an orphan born of a single mother the late Agnes Wangu from Gacigoni village, Ngariama Ward was all smiles as he moved to his new home from the streets of the nearby Kiamatugu market where he has been living.

The young Mwendia who uses only his toes to chart on the mobile phone with Ngirichi through the help of someone to hold the gadget was smartly dressed in a new suit when he was being handed over the three roomed stone house.

After losing his mother on May 26 this year, Mwendia sunk to his lowest since he could no longer get anyone to provide for him.

He had earlier on attended the nearby Kianyambo School for the specially challenged children but abandoned classes upon the death of the mother and resorted to the street life.

On July 26 this year while donating water pipes to various women groups from Ngariama Ward, Ngirichi spotted Mwendia within the midst of the gathering while on a wheel chair.

“On seeing a smiling young man on a wheel chair, I quickly pushed through the crowd and embraced him as tears rolled down my cheeks on realizing what a man he would have grown into had it not been for the severe attack on his vital body parts,” she recalled.

Mwendia who is also speech hard capped is digital compliant since the first meeting with Ngirichi, he has maintained social media contact with her that culminated into the handing over of the fully furnished house.

During the ceremony which was characterized with colour and pomp, area residents thanked the leader for the gesture after she announced Mwendia would from now on be placed on a Sh5,000 monthly stripped for his upkeep.

Ngirichi also instructed technicians to install electricity into the house, which would also be connected with piped water and a modern toilet to make Mwendia comfortable.

The beneficiary is the last born in a family of five children who did not get any formal education due to poverty.

During the occasion, Ngirichi also said she would only support the BBI initiative if it does not create more burdens to the already overburdened Kenyans.

By Irungu Mwangi


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