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Maziwa Mala

Customers of the popular  Maziwa  Mala  who bought packets with an expiry date of May 10 have been advised to return the milk to retail points where they purchased the milk because the Kenya Cooperative Creameries (KCC) inadvertently packaged  fresh milk in the Mala packets.

A  KCC dealer in Nakuru town, John  Mwaura  said they had informed the supermarkets to accept the complaints of customers on  their behalf and give them replacements at no cost.

Mwaura  said  immediately the mistake was noted they embarked on withdrawing the affected batch, however, he said  some  customers had already bought the milk and noted the different taste, which did not conform to their favourite sour milk  taste.

He explained that the same machinery system which packages the fresh milk was used for packaging mala, and that was how  the mistake occurred.

“Normally what we do after packaging fresh or mala, the system is washed before embarking on the next set. However, on  that particular day, they just continued packaging mala before the washing or cleaning was done. Hence fresh milk ended up  being packaged as mala,’’ he added.

He apologised to the customers who came across the adulterated Mala and assured them that the mistake has been rectified  and was unlikely to be repeated in the near future.

Local  supermarkets confirmed that the batches were withdrawn and the customers who complained were given alternatives.

However, a local lobby group leader Jesse Karanja, said there was an urgent need for proper food regulation in the country  and accused Kenya Bureau of Standards of having gone to sleep a long time ago.

He  said residents were concerned with the many adulterated foodstuffs they buy and the lame excuses provided by the  manufactures, adding  that rice was now a major concern because the brands don’t taste what they promise.

Maziwa  Mala the famed ugali accompaniment is popular with all age groups and in many households it is a major feature on  the dining table.

By  Veronica  Bosibori

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