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MP pledges to enhance development in Khwisero

Khwisero Member of Parliament (MP) Christopher Aseka has said he will collaborate with relevant authorities to redeploy police officers at the Emasatsi post to boost security in the area.

The MP said the move will ensure the safety of the residents and their properties and spur socio-economic growth.

He spoke on Sunday in Kisa East Location while handing over a newly constructed assistant’s chief office to the local administrative unit.

He said the office will serve as a central hub for local administrative affairs, enabling more efficient and effective coordination of government programmes in the area.

Aseka also handed over two classrooms at Emuruba Secondary School in Emuruba sub-location under the courtesy of the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF).

“The importance of these facilities cannot be overstated. It will improve the learning environment and lead to closer services for the locals,” he said.

He said the addition of two classrooms at Emuruba Secondary School will not only expand the capacity of the school but also improve the learning setting.

The MP further issued the school registration certificate to Emuruba Secondary School for its official recognition.

“This is a milestone that solidifies the school’s status within the education system, enabling it to access resources and support necessary for its growth and improvement,” he added.

The legislator assured the residents of a series of projects, including the construction of a laboratory at Emuruba Secondary School, the grading and murraming of the Emasatsi-Emuruba-Elwangale-Ekatsombero road, and the construction of the Emuruba dispensary through the Aseka Miradi Foundation.

At the same time, he had a fruitful engagement with the Miradi village women’s group, focusing on the planning and strategy for the implementation of the “Fukuza Njaa” programme under the Aseka Miradi Foundation.

“Our commitment is the empowerment of local women, with the primary goal of elevating them to become middle-income earners and addressing the issue of poverty by eradicating food insecurity within the constituency,” he said, adding that this will provide the people of Khwisero with the means to achieve self-sustainability.

By John Ochanda

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