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Politicians urged to discard politics of hatred 

Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka has urged political leaders to shun away from advancing politics of hatred and instead focus on changing the lives of Kenyans.

          Speaking during a funds drive at Namwacha Church in Kamukuywa Ward, Bungoma County Sunday, Lusaka condemned the increased hatred between different political parties.

          He asked politicians to put aside their differences and work together to ensure they meet the interests of the citizens.

          “Election is not all about abuse or works of hatred, it is about dynamics. I therefore call upon my fellow leaders to exercise love. Siasa sio uadui (politics is not enmity),” he said.

          On Building Bridges Initiative, Lusaka stated that as a referee he is neutral and revealed that he had officially received copies of the Constitution Amendment Bill from 38 counties.

           He emphasized that it is his responsibility as a speaker to ensure law is followed in order to capture the interests of the majority.

          Lusaka also used the opportunity to thank the church leadership for inviting him and promised to come back and support them if invited again.

           He gave out Sh. 100,000 for construction of the church and an additional 10,000 to motivate the choir.

by Roseland Lumwamu

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