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Red Cross comes to the aid flood victims

Families severely affected by flash floods at Kikuyan area in Narok East Sub County have benefited from beddings and sanitary materials given by the Red Cross Society.

Speaking while giving the donations, the Narok Red Cross Team Leader, Benedict Omondi said the 25 families that had completely been displaced were given tents, kitchen utensils, sanitary materials and foodstuffs to enable them live a comfortable life.

“These families lost all the property they had after it was swept away by the waters, we have given them something small to help them live a comfortable life,” said Omondi.

The  Red Cross team also distributed water treatment chemicals and taught the residents of how to treat water before drinking to avoid water borne diseases, which are expected to be on the rise during this season.

Omondi further advised families living around and in high-risk areas prone to mudslides and flooding to seek alternatives for the meantime in order not to endanger their lives.

Sitonik Ole Suyianka, a resident of Kikuyan appealed to the Government to intervene to find a lasting solution, saying they have incurred losses amounting to hundreds of thousands.

He expressed fear that he might never recover his seven acres of land that seem to be submerged into the now forming lake.

Another resident, Stephen Ole Kamasiai asked the county and national government to rebuild Kikuyian Primary school on an upper ground as the school had completely been submerged in water.

“We are only lucky that the schools are now closed and the children are at home, otherwise the pupils of Kikuyian Primary would be disadvantaged as there school has completely submerged in water,” said Ole Kamaisiai.

Selina Tumanga also a resident of Kikuyan thanked the Red Cross society for their charity work and asked more well-wishers to chip in to help the hundreds of families affected by floods.

The local Chief, Samuel Kondonyo said the water has led to the loss of 800 acres of land that were under plantation.

By  Ann Salaton

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