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Spreading COVID-19 Messages in Style

Like-minded people in Kiambu community have come out in various styles to help the Government to flatten the swelling numbers of fresh infections of COVID-19.

The leaders who are revered have taken it upon themselves to sensitize members of the public on the importance of adhering to containment protocols instituted by the ministry of health to curb the rising numbers of people from contracting the corona virus disease.

Pastor Samuel Macharia Wairegi of Dynamic church in Gatundu North while addressing the people of Kiamwangi  in Gatundu North told the parents in his mother-tongue that they should take care of their children so that they did not contract the corona virus disease from their associates,

“It is the initiative of every parent to monitor their children the same way as they received the perfect care from their parents when they were growing up”

The pastor through his caravan that traversed Kiamwangi trading centre reiterated that the office of the president of Gatundu North “insists that children stay at home so as to honour the directive of the president and ministry of health by prayer.

Wearing masks, observing social distance, sanitizing and hand washing is a necessity that must be observed by all both children and adults, reiterate the pastor who attracted the crowd by his unique speech.

While mounting speakers on a stationary motor vehicle, the pastor first prays for the nation, then goes ahead and removes his mask so that his message can be absorbed by those who move nearer to him in the middle tradition centre.

“Hearing the voice of the anointed one we shall have peace as the hand of the lord is upon him” the pastor said while urging Kenyans should be ready to fight corona as it is real. I have dedicated myself to enlighten Kenyans and the world at large that there is hope again if we observe the measures” pleaded the pastor.

“Truly, the lord who strengthens us is the same God who will never fail us” he summed up as he offered a closing prayer.

The Coordinator of the National Torch of peace culture initiative took up the entire Saturday to tour and talk to the business community in Githurai.

The Coordinator of the National Torch of peace culture initiative Mr .Washington Njuguna Kanyuru aka Wamuchuthe sensitizing sellers of farm produce at the Githurai Market on Saturday

Mr. Washington Njuguna Kanyuru aka Wamuchuthe sensitized the boda boda riders who conspicuously were defying wearing their masks the proper way. He talked to the market sellers and the buyers at Githurai main and mini markets who mill in their hundreds to purchase their groceries from the busy market located along the busy Thika highway.

He demonstrated the importance of wearing a mask while selling their groceries and farm produce to their customers so that they would not fear to purchase from them. He also demonstrated the proper way of hand washing from his portable water carrier that he has been using since he embarked on his journey.

Donning the colors of the Kenyan flag, the peace ambassador told the congregation who stopped their businesses and gave him an ear that they have an opportunity to remain safe by observing the Ministry of Health Protocols so that they may protect themselves and those of people who associated with them.

The community coordinator who also participated in sensitizing the community on the clauses of the constitution prior to the promulgation in 2010 reiterated that the Government had invested so much resources in the fight against the pandemic and that the ball was now in the hands of the Kenyans to do their part.

He conducted the sensitization in Kiambu town yesterday and intends to proceed to Githunguri, Juja, Thika, Kiambaa, Kabete, Lari and Limuru.Mr.Wamuchuthe says he will then proceed to preach the same message in other counties.

By Lydia Shiloya


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