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Fasting Muslims plead with government to reopen Kenya Somalia Border

Muslims  in  Mandera have urged the Kenya Government to reopen the Kenya Somalia Border  which was closed in 2009 so as to  ensure free flow of goods and services.

However,  Mandera County Commissioner (CC), Olaka  Kutswa told the press that the border will remain closed to curb terrorists crossing into the country and killing people.

He  said the closure has also prevented contraband goods from being sneaked into the country.

Hamisi Jillo  asked the government to consider reopening the border in order to stem the rising cost of food stuff.

Jillo  said goods from Somalia are cheaper compared to those from Nairobi which is over 1000 kilometres away.

Sheikh  Abdullahi Hassan who spoke to the press in Mandera town said residents should pray God to help them in restoring  security in the region.

Hassan noted the recent abduction of two Cuban doctors attached at the county hospital was a blow to the health fraternity in the region.

He said the medics were helping in treating patients from as far as Ethiopia and Somalia in performing complicated surgery that local doctors cannot undertake.

On  Saturday  suspected Shabaab militants raided a food store in HareriHosle stealing food of unknown value, two national police reservists were injured with the militants snatching  two AK 47 guns.

The  Mandera  East Deputy County Commissioner, Lawrence Omondi  said the militants might have been restocking food for  Ramadan.

Hussein  Yarrow a resident scoffed at the militants, saying even the fasting will not bring them close to God and termed it as an exercise in futility.

Police  are  yet  to make any arrest.

By  Zakariya  Abdullahi

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