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Safe drinking water

The Nakuru County Government will drill more boreholes to increase availability of water for people in the region.

The County Water Engineer, Paul Muhuhe, while commissioning the drilling of Murichu and Legetio water projects in Rongai Sub-county, said water impacts various sectors of the economy, including agriculture, livestock farming, employment, health, education, manufacturing and tourism among others.

He said over 800 households in Visoi Ward are set to benefit from the venture, which would ease the water scarcity that has been experienced in the area for a long time.

Once complete the project will also provide water to public schools, a dispensary, shopping centers and the Murichu market.

The area MCA, Hellen Megek, said Rongai Sub-county has the capacity to alleviate food scarcity in the County, since the soils are fertile and have a warm climate that accelerates the growth of crops.

Additionally, she said water was essential for agriculture, which plays a significant part in the county’s economy and this would lead to increased productivity and diversification of crops, leading to income generation.

Engineer Muhuhe said many residents in Rongai are involved in livestock farming, hence, adequate water supply is crucial for the well-being of the animals, ensuring their hydration, while also supporting the growth of fodder and pasture.

Additionally, he said access to clean and safe water is essential for maintaining good health, personal hygiene and it equally reduces the incidences of waterborne diseases, hence contributing to the well-being of the community.

However, an environmental activist in Rongai Sub-county, Julius Maina, said as much as the residents appreciated the county’s spirited effort to increase water convenience, excessive drilling without proper management, might lead to the depletion of groundwater resources for both human and agricultural use.

He also noted that the process of drilling boreholes requires energy, usually in the form of fossil fuels and the associated energy consumption, which contributes to carbon emissions and environmental pollution.

Maina urged counties to put more emphasis on harvesting rainwater, protecting forests and cleaning the polluted rivers.

By Veronica Bosibori

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