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School cleans up the environment as part of CBC implementation

Residents of Kwanthambi Market within Meru Town were Monday treated to a rare show when school children engaged in a clean-up exercise as part of the implementation of the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).
They said it was a rare spectacle to see learners engage in community work unlike before when children engage in classroom activities only.
Kwanthambi Backstreet Preparatory Primary school pupils displayed their preparedness for the CBC when Grade 3 learners who are scheduled to have a national evaluation in September blazed the trail.
In a letter from the Kenya National Examinations Council the Grade 3 learners have a range of activities to engage in preparation for the national evaluation among them cleaning their nearest market under the theme: A Clean Environment for Good Health and Wellbeing.
Speaking during the clean-up task accompanied by his learners at Kwanthambi Market, the school Director Mr. Willis Mugo lauded the new curriculum that he said will boost the standards of education through practical skills.
Mugo said CBC will enable the country have a morally upright society since learners are able to interact with the neighbouring community.
“Though the curriculum is a little bit expensive but it is the best for the stability of our future generations,” said the Director who urged other institutions to also comply for a balance in education.
He called on parents to collaborate with their respective schools noting that their children stand to benefit not just themselves but even the entire community.
Parents on the other hand are an excited lot giving the new curriculum a big nod saying it is the best for the current pupils.
Anne Ngesha, a parent within Meru town said all stakeholders should support CBC since it will assist parents raise up their children in a more upright way.
She noted that since the start of the implementation of the curriculum her children have improved in their performance of tasks at home.
Pupils have embraced the CBC with it being a new vocabulary they sing with joy saying “CBC iendelee.”
By Richard Muhambe

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