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Thika gets new rehab centre

Drug addicts in Thika seeking to reform will now get help locally following the completion and opening of the first rehab centre in Thika West Sub County.

The rehabilitation centre has been built in the Ngoingwa area of Thika West Sub-County and is fully sponsored by the area MP Alice Nganga.

Confirming the completion of the project, the CEO of the newly launched Stegrami Rehabilitation Centre Mr Michael Weru said the project would help in providing the community with the much-needed services to those struggling with mental health disorders and drug and alcohol addiction related issues.

“The centre is a male only facility that primarily strives to offer comprehensive care to those battling with addiction and mental health issues. We understand that addiction and mental health disorders can have a profound negative impact on the lives of the affected individuals and those around them, hence our commitment to providing the necessary support and assistance that they need,” Weru noted.

“We have assembled a highly skilled team of professionals as staff composed of licensed counsellors, psychologists, nutritionists and psychiatrists that are dedicated to provide the necessary care to the patients. In addition to this, our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure the highest quality and care is given,” said Mr Weru.

Confirming the completion of the project, Assistant County Commissioner Mr Milton Osiya said that the rehab centre was very welcome and it was long overdue.

He noted that instead of arresting and sending drug addicts to jail and filling prisons, it was a relief to now change the approach by embracing rehabilitation techniques. He urged the residents to join hands with the centre to make it successful.

Speaking to KNA, a recovering addict and now chairman of the rehab centre Jimmy Mulinge said he had been admitted at the centre and was pleased with the progress that he was making.

“I am now on the path to recovery thanks to the facility. During my stay here, I have discovered that addiction is a disease like any other that can be treated and managed. Addiction has become a red flag in our community as we all know a friend or family member who is addicted to a substance or the other. The centre has given me a new lease on life and I believe that it will do the same to other addicts as well,” he said.

The centre will enable Thika to make great strides in resolving the issue of drug and alcohol addiction that have grappled the area in recent years.

By Hellen Lunalo

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