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10 people arrested in Makueni for Illegally slaughtering 15 Donkeys 

Police in Kwa Kathoka of Makueni County have arrested 10 people suspected of having illegally slaughtered 15 donkeys on Saturday morning at Kwa Kathoka village, Kikumini sub-location in Makueni Sub County.

Eastern regional police commander Joseph Ole Napeiyan said the suspects admitted that they had slaughtered 15 donkeys which are suspected to have been stolen.

“It was reported by an administrator that within Kikumini sub-location, there was ongoing slaughtering of suspected stolen donkeys and vehicles waiting to collect the meat,” said Napeiyan while confirming the incident to the media.

“The officers responded and laid an ambush at a feeder road and intercepted two motor vehicles Reg.No. KDB 991U make Toyota Fielder and KCK 434 M make Toyota Wish and inside the vehicles were suspected donkey meat,” added Napeiyan.

The meat was being transported to Shauri Moyo Market in Nairobi.

The police visited the homestead where they established that hooves and heads of the donkeys were buried at the said compound.

It was also found out they have been illegally slaughtering donkeys for a while.

The suspects are being held at Makueni Police Station awaiting to be arraigned in court.

Last week Police in Emali, Makueni County, arrested a 55-year-old man who runs a business of slaughtering and selling donkey meat.

Police found carcasses of nine donkeys and one live donkey in Kiumone village in Ithumba location in Emali.

By Ronald Rono

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