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100 Students awarded various scholarships in Nandi

A total of 100 needy students who sat for 2020 Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations (KCPE) in Nandi County, have benefited from ‘Wings to Fly’ and Elimu programme scholarships.

The students who were awarded, comprise 50 girls and 50 boys, drawn from different humble backgrounds within the County.

‘Wings to Fly’ and Mastercard Foundation, cater for needy students with over 350 marks whereas Elimu programme which is sponsored by the Government caters for those with 280 marks and above.

According to Equity Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. James Mwangi, out of 114,000 applications that had been received by Equity Group Foundation, 10,705 had been awarded scholarships Countrywide.

Speaking while commissioning the scholarships at Kapsabet Boys High School, Mwangi said the scholarships were awarded after a thorough vetting on the background of the applicants to ascertain those selected deserve it.

“You are privileged to have gotten this golden opportunity among the many applicants. Now that much has been given to you, much is expected from you. Ensure you identify your goal in life and work hard towards achieving it as well as give back to the society,” said Mwangi.

The CEO further called upon the government to support those who applied for the scholarships, but never qualified yet they met the qualifications.

Nandi Governor, Stephen Sang, said his Administration is going to work together with the National Government to ensure those students who did not qualify for the scholarships are accommodated in their schools of choice.

“We have resources in terms of Constituency Development Fund (NG/CDF), Affirmative Action and County Bursary. Let us raise these resources together and ensure students who were not awarded the scholarships join the school of their choice,” noted Sang.

The Governor advised the scholars to take advantage of the opportunity and work hard academically since they have the capacity and potential to do even better.

“In four-year’ time, we want to see you having posted good results. Make your parents proud by working hard so that you can transform your family,” he added.

Tinderet Member of Parliament (MP), Antony Melly, underscored the importance of nurturing children,

“Scholars have been given ‘wings’ and there is a lot of power in wings. Excel so that you can take care of your families and future generation,” noted Melly.

Nandi County Commissioner, Herman Shambi, urged the scholars to take their learning seriously to ensure they excel academically. He called upon them to understand their background and utilize the opportunity fully.

“Those who have been awarded these scholarships, do not let us down. Be leaders of your own and ensure you avoid peer group influence,” advised Shambi.

The 2021 Equity Group selection marks the 12th cohort for the ‘Wings to fly’, MasterCard Foundation and second cohort for the Elimu programme scholarship.

Through the program, bright but financially disadvantaged children are offered comprehensive secondary school scholarships, which cover books, uniform, transport cost and pocket money.

The scholars also receive mentorship and leadership training during their four-year period in secondary schools, to equip them with life skills that will transform them into leaders in various capacities.

By Ruth Mainye

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