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109 PWDs receive Sh2.8 million equipment

Some 109 Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in Busia County have all reasons to smile after the National Fund for the Disabled in Kenya (NFDK) empowered them with equipment worth Sh 2.8 million that will help change their lives.

Speaking in Busia, Prof. Julia Ojiambo, a trustee of the fund, stated that the national government would continue supporting people living with disabilities despite the tough economic times.

“The national government is here to support you in any way you need provided you or your caregivers send your requisitions to it,” she said.

Ojiambo encouraged the community to register with the social services offices and the commissioner’s office, their friends or relatives who were physically challenged and were in need of equipment.

“If you are living with a person with disability, kindly feel free to register them so that they can be empowered financially to stand on their own either directly or indirectly,” she said.

Deputy County Commissioner Kipchumba Ruto cautioned people living with disabilities and their caregivers against using the equipment carelessly or for unintended purposes.

“Kindly for everyone who has received the equipment, use them in a diligent way. Let not the national government empower you and you decide to misuse the equipment by selling them,” noted Ruto.

Ojiambo also encouraged the people living with disabilities who applied for the equipment and did not get shortlisted as beneficiaries for this round not to lose hope as the fund still has their details and they would be considered for the next round.

Irene Virungi, one of the beneficiaries who received a full salon kit, expressed her gratitude to the national government for answering her requests.

“I thank the national government for honouring their promise and giving us this equipment. Now we shall be financially empowered and be able to fend for our needs without stressing other people,” she said.

John Ojiambo Odiede, another beneficiary, also thanked the national government for showing compassion to the physically challenged.

The beneficiaries received salon kits, barber shop kits, farm equipment, and wheelchairs amounting to Sh2.8million.

By Absalom Namwalo and Agiso Patience

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