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2000 Kazi Mtaani youth hired to start work immediately

The Mombasa Deputy County Commissioner, Charles Monari during the launch of the kazi mtaani exercise at Mary Cliff Primary school in Tudor Mombasa on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. Photo by KNA.
Youth await to commence work after successful recruitment in the Kazi Mtaani national hygiene programme to help fight the further spread of Covid-19. Photo by KNA.

Some 2000 youth in Mombasa have been hired and deployed to various areas to start work immediately in the newly launched Covid-19 Kazi Mtaani national hygiene programme.

The Mombasa Sub County Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Charles Monari, while launching the exercise in Kaa Chonjo area in Mombasa said the exercise was an effort to implement hygiene measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

He said the hygiene exercise will involve manual work in the public spaces, including markets, shopping centers among others.

Monari commended the youth who turned up for the exercise  on  Wednesday, saying they met the required numbers as directed and those who will not show up today and tomorrow, will have their spaces taken up by others on Monday.

He said some might have been occupied in other errands, adding that they will still give them a chance since they took up the job offers, but the organizers will not hesitate to give out available slots to those available on Monday.

“Some youth came and were selected but some thought the Sh 616 per day was to be issued freely. However, upon realizing that it involved working some have since not reported but will be replaced on Monday,” he said.

Monari observed that all the youth could not be taken after the numbers were reached calling on those who missed the opportunity to wait for another chance.

He said the exercise was transparent and was carried out by village elders Wazee wa mtaa who conducted the interviews, forwarded the names which were typed and then contacted to commence work immediately.

The exercise began this afternoon for the cleanup, including unclogging drainages, clearing bushes and garbage collection in the public spaces.

The DCC  added that the payments will be made on weekly basis where the money will be sent to their Mpesa mobile money to avoid crowding and maintain social distancing as a way to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 disease.

He advised the youth to use their earnings prudently and save for a project in coming days, including supporting their parents by establishing them small businesses for example vegetable vending among others to boost their families income since the selected youths are from the informal settlements.

The youth have been grouped in numbers of 25 with a chairperson to be checking work progress, confirming personal identification documents, recording daily attendance and general coordination during the work exercise.

One of the group’s chairperson, Brian Karama said the youths are happy to begin the job as well appreciating the opportunity since some others missed out.

Margaret Kanga from Tudor area and the vice chair of Group four thanked the president and his team for the opportunity given to the youth to contribute in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

She praised the administrators who conducted the exercise saying it was transparent because it observed the constitutional gender balance requirement for both gender without discrimination terming the exercise as generally fair.

She said there are as many women as men and people with disabilities which is a good move to factor the marginalized in the society.

Kanga said she is a university student on break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, adding that the new job opening came at a good time to put the idle time into better use.

Similar exercises were conducted in Ziwa la Ngombe, Bangladesh and Kaa Chonjo informal settlements in Nyali, Mvita and Jomvu sub counties respectively.

By  Joseph Kamolo

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