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27 Farmers Groups Benefit from 136 Dairy Goats in Marakwet

Some 27 farmers groups from Endo ward, Marakwet East sub-county received a total of 136 Toggenberg dairy goats a significant boost in agricultural development in the area.

The county government supplied these goats as part of the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP), a commendable initiative aimed at promoting sustainable farming practices.

The distribution of these goats has not only benefited the farmers but has also had a positive impact on the entire community.

County Executive Committee Member (CECM), for Agriculture Mr. Edwin Seroney expressed his satisfaction with the project’s outcomes. Seroney highlighted that the distribution of dairy goats has brought substantial improvements to the region.

The CEC said that one notable advantage of these dairy goats is that they are zero-grazed, meaning they are not left to roam freely. This approach effectively curbs the problem of animal theft, reducing incidents of banditry and cattle rustling in the area.

Seroney emphasised the importance of maintaining this practice, which has proven successful in preventing the goats from straying.

As the KCSAP project concludes, Seroney urged the farmers to continue embracing the value chains it has helped establish. He particularly highlighted the potential of the tomato, chicken, and dairy goat value chains in the Kerio Valley region.

Additionally, Seroney encouraged farmers to plant mango seedlings, as the Kerio Valley possesses the necessary conditions for their growth. Furthermore, with a factory situated in the region, there is a ready market for their produce, providing a valuable opportunity for economic growth.

Jeremiah Biwott, Member of the County Assembly (MCA) for Endo ward and Elgeyo Marakwet Agricultural Chairman praised the KCSAP project for its significant contribution to the community.

Biwott expressed his desire for the project to continue, emphasising the tremendous benefits it brings to farmers and the wider society. He also suggested expanding the initiative to include cows and sheep, diversifying the opportunities available to farmers.

The impact of the KCSAP project was also evident through the testimonial of Hilary Kiptoo, a tomato farmer from Koror location in Endo. Kiptoo expressed his gratitude for the project, highlighting the positive changes it has brought to farmers’ lives.

He urged the Governor to continue funding such initiatives, as they not only educate farmers but also provide them with a reliable market, ultimately improving their livelihoods.

The farmers in Endo ward echoed Kiptoo’s sentiments, calling on the county government to sustain its support for the KCSAP project. They recognised the immense potential of the initiative to transform the lives of other farmers in the region, emphasising the need for continued funding to ensure its success.

The distribution of 136 dairy goats to 27 farmers groups in Marakwet East sub-county has proven to be a game-changer for the agricultural sector in the area. As the project nears its conclusion, the encouragement from key stakeholders to continue funding similar initiatives highlights the undeniable impact they have on the community. The success of the KCSAP project serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the potential for growth and prosperity within the agricultural sector.

By Rennish Okong’o

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