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3 students safe after falling into septic tank

Four students of Our Lady of Mercy Secondary school in Busia town cheated death by a whisker Thursday, after they fell into a 30ft septic tank as they took lunch.

Confirming the incident, Busia Deputy County Commissioner Kipchumpa Ruto noted that they were informed of the disturbing news by the school principal.

“We received saddening news of four girls who had fallen into the 30ft deep septic tank. We rushed to the site and alerted the county rescue team who reacted quickly and managed to save all of them,” said Ruto.

He said the learners were rushed to Busia Maternity Nursing Home, where three of them are continuing with medication, while the fourth one was treated and discharged.

“The girls are responding well to medication and we can confirm to the parents and entire public that they are in stable condition at the moment,” added Ruto.

The Deputy county commissioner urged school managers in Busia to ensure safety of students by securing and repairing septic tanks and other open pits to avert such misfortunes in future.

“It was miraculous how the girls survived the incident given that there was a big snake inside this over 50year old septic tank,” he noted.

Busia Maternity Home in-charge Dr. Abel Orondi assured the parents that they have managed to arrest the situation and all the girls were out of danger.

“We received a call from the school that they had an emergency, we rushed, picked the girls and brought them to our facility. Three girls had serious injuries while one had minor injuries. We have managed the situation and already one girl has been discharged,” said Orondi.

The school Principal Mrs. Elizabeth Nganyi affirmed the school’s commitment in ensuring the safety of students adding they have embarked on improving the institution’s infrastructure.

By Absalom Namwalo

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