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36 Teenagers arrested while partying

Some 36 teenagers were over the weekend arrested while four others escaped after they were found partying at a house within Koweo village, Kojwach Kawere Sub Location in Rachuonyo East Sub County.

The children aged between 12 and 17  were swooped in an operation led by  Kojwach Kawere Sub Location assistant chief Isaiah Ondoro and his Kojwach Kamyoro counterpart Fredrick Okeyo.

According to Ondoro the officers raided the house at 11 pm and arrested eight girls and 28 boys while their four colleagues escaped by jumping over the fence.

The administrator said majority of the nabbed children sat for KCPE exams recently while some were still in primary school. “We received a tip off from members of the public that the minors were partying in the house with loud music disturbing the neighboring homes,” he added.

During the raid, bottles of alcohol, two packets of unused condoms and two motorbikes which are suspected to have been used to ferry the minors to the party were recovered. The children were taken to Ringa police station.

The incident comes at a time when religious leaders and other stakeholders in the county have been urging parents and guardians to take extra care of their children to prevent them from engaging in social vices.

 By Sitna Omar


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