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Makueni: Four KCSE candidates write exams in health facilities

At least four out of a total of 30,149 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) candidates in Makueni county are sitting for their exams at various county health facilities.

Mbooni west Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Stanlaus Apwoka confirmed that one candidate from Senior Chief Munguti Secondary school was doing exams at Mbooni Sub County hospital.

“Two students from Masumba and St Anthony Ithiani secondary schools are doing their exams at Makueni county referral hospital and Health facility in Nzaui sub county after delivering babies last week and yesterday respectively,” said Nzaui DCC Timothy Tirop while speaking to KNA on Monday.

Also, one Student from Yemole secondary school in Kathonzweni Sub County is sitting for exams at Makueni Referral hospital after delivering a baby.

Makueni Sub County Director of Education Yopesh Magara noted that all measures are in place and the exercise is running on smoothly as planned.

“In Makueni Sub County, there are a total of 4,087 candidates where 2,053 are boys while 2,034 are girls,” said Magara on Monday during the opening exam container at Wote headquarters offices.

Out of 30,149 candidates sitting for KCSE in Makueni county, 15,090 are boys while 15,059 are girls.

By Ronald Rono

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