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5, 000 title deeds given to Elangata Enterit residents

About 5, 000 residents of Elangata Enterit area in Narok South Sub County have received title deeds of their pieces of land after a 37-year wait.

The long wait was occasioned by a prolonged court case that was resolved and committee members were allowed to subdivide the land and process official title deeds for the land.

Narok South Deputy County Commissioner Felix Kisalu who led the distribution of the title deeds asked residents to take advantage of the land ownership to develop their pieces of land.

He advised them not to sell land to outsiders as it could easily lead them to being landless and live a poor life.

The title deed, he observed, is an important document that residents can use to take loans in financial institutions and improve their living standards.

“This document should be used to make you rich, not to bring poverty in your homestead. If you sell all your land, your children will be left landless and poor,” he warned.

The sub county Land and Adjudication Officer Josephine Njoroge said each beneficiary got 22 acres of land.

She called on the residents to resolve issues pertaining to land locally, with the help of elders and religious leaders, as filing cases in court takes a long time to conclude.

“There is no need to go to court over issues that can be resolved locally. Involve the spiritual leaders, council of elders and village elders. They will help resolve the issue faster as they are conversant with the area,” she said.

She also challenged the residents to do productive business on the land so as to eliminate poverty in the society.

The residents expressed their satisfaction saying they will do large scale farming of tomatoes, bulb onions and garlic that do well in the area.

By Ann Salaton


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