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555 households in Garashi location relocated to a chief’s camp

Five hundred and fifty-five households comprising of 2, 775 people in Magarini-Kilifi County have been relocated to a chief’s camp at Kizurini, next to Garashi town after River Sabaki burst its banks and spilled water into hundreds of homes in Garashi location.

Affected people are from Mikuyuni, Mporojoni and Vugulani villages where the families have been moved to the higher areas and are being provided with food, tents and blankets by donors and the County government.

Speaking to the team sent to the area to assess the situation, the victims said they lost all food stored in granaries and household items but managed to save their chicken and goats.

A victim, Jumwa Kahaso, said her house was invaded by unknown people who made away with her stored food and household goods after she left in a hurry to save her four children when the river water spilled into her home.

“We became helpless on December 7 when floods covered our homes forcing us to scramble and save our children from the disaster. It is better that we are safe even though we have no food to eat,” the victims who are mainly women said.

Among the relief food provided on Monday and yesterday are 120 bags of 90 kilograms maize, 30 bags of 90 kilogram beans and 1200 water treatment tablets by the County government, 154 blankets and 154 nets and sanitary towels and tents donated by Kenya Red Cross and Action Aid Kenya respectively.


By Harrison Yeri

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