90,000 masks to be distributed in most affected coastal areas

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Some 90,000 masks have been issued by the government for immediate distribution to the three most affected counties in the coast region.
Addressing the media Thursday during issuance of the masks, the Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata said the masks came at a better time when the area is grappling with increasing positive cases of Covid-19 in the region.
Elungata said the masks will further prevent the spread of the disease, while calling on the people to follow directives issued by the Ministry of Health including wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining social distance by avoiding crowded places.
He said the fact that one tests positive it is not a death sentence, but under proper care they can recover from the disease, citing the many numbers reported by the National Covid Committee in daily briefings at the national level.
About 15,000 of the masks will go to Kilifi and a similar number to Kwale, while Mombasa will get 20,000 same to the Kenya Ferry Services, while Kenya Ports Authority operations will receive 10,000 masks.
He said the infections at the Old town area Mombasa have been identified after contact tracing of the victim who tested positive died, where the government has isolated the contacts at various recovery centers.
He refuted claims that the area is a hotpot for infections, saying it is a place of interest since the deceased had some contacts with family and friends after his tour from Dubai.
Kenya Ports Authority operations manager Captain William Ruto thanked the government for the gesture saying it will highly ensure smooth flow of the essential services at the port of entry for cargo ships.
He said the port has more than 7000 workers but the number has since been reduced by 10 percent due to the pandemic.
Captain Ruto added that the employees are working round the clock in three shifts and from home to maintain social distance and ensure services at the port continue unimpeded.
He said with over 1000 people tested only 14 confirmed positive at the port. He observed that all crew aboard any ship are not allowed out of the ship to avoid spread in case of infection.
by Joseph Kamolo

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