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A consultant moots plan to establish a university

Some of the motivational books, Dr. Paul Mwangi Kibicho has authored, rising from humble background to become a renowned financial Consultant and a Lecturer. Photo by Bernard Munyao/KNA.

Brought  up in a humble background, a Nyeri man who has elevated into a renowned finance consultant is planning to make his middle level college into a university.

Dr. Paul Mwangi Kibicho since his childhood has been dreaming to establish a university, a plan he is determined to actualize.

Dr. Kibicho, proprietor of Panorama College of Business Studies in Nairobi is currently working out to upgrade the college into a full-fledged university.

Speaking  to KNA, the finance consultant who has worked in the insurance industry for more than 27 years reflects how he rose from ranks to a level where he established the college two years ago.

Born in 1973, Kibicho made determined efforts to beef up his academic prowess which have seen him also be part time lecturer in several colleges.

The determination has seen him get several Diplomas and four degrees among them Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Mt. Kenya University (MKU), Bachelors Degree of Business Administration majoring in Marketing and a minor in Human resource (KeMU), Master’s Degree in Business Administration majoring in Strategic Management (KeMU) and a Doctorate Degree in Business administration from JKUAT.

The  consultant reflects how his secondary and primary education was faced with numerous challenges which at one time were about to cut his education short.

“I can remember while in secondary school, I was sent home for fees more than 21 times. I was about to drop out of school but I remained determined to complete my O- level,” Dr. Kibicho narrated.

In his teenage, he grew up on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, where he ventured in making tea baskets in the forests and charcoal burning for survival, among other activities.

He says apart from being a lecturer, he has embarked to mentor young people into becoming successful people, saying mentorship programme is done during class work.

“Mentorship has added value to many of the young people and there is evidence many have started to save for their future and investing rather than wasting their money in alcoholism and drugs,” said Dr. Kibicho.

He  added that the mentorship programme has assisted the youth to realize themselves and majority of them are pursuing their goals.

Dr. Kibicho  teaches business management related courses, company law and Small Micro Enterprise (SME) Governance at several university colleges.

The  consultant has authored several books with his peers describing him as a walking encyclopedia, who can steer this  nation to greater heights given a platform.

Dr. Kibicho  divulged that he had pumped Sh.50 million in the college and currently the institution holds more than 350 learners.

He  challenged young people not to be brought down by the challenges they may be currently going through, urging them to set goals and strive to achieve them.

By  Bernard  Munyao

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