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A Family prepares burial for a living son

A  28-year-old man whose family started burial arrangements thinking he was at the Embu Hospital Mortuary for five days is recuperating at the Embu Level Five Hospital.

According to the family members, they had already completed burial preparations for Stephen Kivuti Nyaga, and were ready for burial today only to be told he was alive and in hospital.

The father, James Nyaga Kivuti, said his son started ailing after the new year’s celebrations and was taken to Kiritiri Level Four Hospital for treatment, and later referred to Embu Level Five Hospital for further treatment.

He described the son’s condition as weak and could neither speak nor stand when he was taken to Embu hospital.

He said he went back home with his wife, Faith Ogoki, leaving the son at the Hospital and on returning the following day found the bed in which he had occupied empty.

“Immediately I entered the ward I did not believe, my son was missing, after enquiring from one of the patient he told me he saw Kivuti being ferried by stretcher and he suspected he died,” he noted.

He went home and informed members of the family and the Chairman of their self-help group and funeral arrangements kicked-off without confirmation of the report

However, on Wednesday, a funeral team that went to the mortuary to confirm the state of the body before the burial today, learned the alleged deceased is alive and receiving treatment.

They were first in a state of confusion and at the same time joy because their son had “resurrected” they went back home to report the good news of the new development.

While speaking to the press over the incident, Dr. Daniel Mgendi, CEO Embu Level Five, blamed Nyaga for not confirming with the nurse In-Charge for his son was still in the same bed in a blanket.

Dr. Mugendi said the patient is being treated for effects of alcohol and is responding well to the treatment

By  Kimani Tirus

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