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Multi-sectoral approach to protect PWDS

There is need for a multi-sectoral approach in the mitigation of stigma against children living with disabilities.

Speaking at Poroko Special School in Transmara West, the Chief Executive Officer of Good Samaritan Ambassadors, a none-governmental organization, Andrew Kiserema singled out stigma as a major day to day challenge children living with disabilities face in the society.

Noting a child living with disability has to enjoy protection and be taken care of just like any other child, Kiserema reminded the public of the critical role it has to play to ensure that children living with disabilities are given a level playing ground to compete with the rest.

“Children living with disabilities need to be accepted and loved just like any other child in the society. Time has come for all of us to join hands to ensure that stigma associated with disability more so regarding children comes to an end,” he said adding that no one decides the state in which he/she is born.

His sentiments were echoed by the head of the institution Emmy Ngeti who called for a change in perception with regard to disability, saying that given a level playing ground, the disabled could play a major role in nation development.

“For the country to achieve Vision 2030 and Millennium Development Goals, education is a major pillar.  When striving to ensure that our children access quality education, children living with disabilities should not be left out since they have a big contribution to make in the transformation of this country, “she said.

Ms Ngeti advised families still keeping children living with disabilities at home because of stigma to take them to special schools for them to acquire an education as per the constitution.

Christine Lemiso an administrator at Flourish Kenya promised to join hands with other likeminded organizations to ensure that challenges facing the institution among them infrastructure, are addressed.

The institution which caters for children living with mental challenges, is one of its kind in Narok County and draws children from the 47 devolved units in the Country.

During the exercise, food stuffs and other necessities were donated to the institution courtesy of Good Samaritan Ambassadors in partnership with other well-wishers.

By Isaiah Nayika

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