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A section of residents from South Rift push for formation of a new County

A section of Residents drawn from Konoin, Sotik, and Bureti sub-counties have appealed to President William Ruto to support their push for the creation of a new County.

Speaking at Mogogosiek sports grounds in Konoin, the residents led by former Konoin MP John Terer said it was time for the three Sub-Counties to be converted into a County.

Terer said the Sub-Counties in Kericho and Bomet meet the requirement to form a County.

He said through the proposal locals would be able to get resources close to them.

“We have no problem with Bomet and Kericho Counties but we think there should be a County called Bureti curved from the two existing Counties by amalgamating Bureti, Konoin, and Sotik,” said Terer.

Terer said as a show of gratitude for voting him to the last man in the last election, President Ruto should back their quest.

“We will benefit big time if President Ruto supports our push and ensure that we stand on our own because we will get resources closer to us,”

Terer said the three sub-counties have a population exceeding 600,000 and are enough to make up a County.

He said the creation of the proposed Bureti County will also ease the pressure on resources being allocated to Bomet and Kericho.

“We can guarantee that there is going to be more development in our area if we agree to the creation of a new County in Bureti,” he added.

Former Embomos MCA Robert Serbai reached out to elected leaders from the three Sub Counties to take the lead in the quest.

Serbai said the proposal had already been forwarded to the National Dialogue Committee for consideration.

“We have made steps that need backing, already our proposal is with the National Dialogue Committee and for it to succeed our elected leaders should speak to the committee,” he said.

The leaders fronting the proposal have lined up a series of public participation in the three Sub Counties to woo support among locals.

For the next three weeks appointed officials have planned meetings in all 15 wards in Bureti, Sotik and Konoin.

The push was prompted by ongoing dialogue between Kenya Kwanza and Azimio which has proposed increasing counties in the country by 11.

By Lamech Willy

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