About 5000 title deeds for Igembe residents


Over 5000 residents of Igembe North Sub-county have a reason to smile after they were issued with title deeds for their land on Monday.

Area MP Maoka Maore who witnessed the exercise at Mutuati thanked the national government and the office of lands registrar in Igembe North for giving out the valuable documents.

Maore said the residents have waited for the title deeds over the years, which contributed to increased friction and conflict among them as a result of land boundary issues and ownership.

The legislator noted with satisfaction that with the issuance of title deeds, the value of land in the locality will now   go up.

“The region will now develop faster as it will attract investors who for a long time have shied away due to lack of the vital documents,” he said.

However, the MP cautioned  residents  against being  enticed  to  sell their  pieces of land  at  throw away  prices. “Utilize you pieces of land well by growing both food and cash crops,” he advised.

Meanwhile, the remaining areas in Igembe North where land demarcation is being done, will receive their title deeds immediately the process is over and are the documents are processed.

On his part, Igembe North Deputy County Commissioner Charles Lang’at warned men from borrowing loans in financial institution using the title deeds without the knowledge of their spouses.

Lang’at said a land board will be put in place in the sub-county to ensure that anyone for anyone who wants to secure a loan, the same information is disseminated to the spouse and children before such credit can be processed.

He said previously most men used just to take the family title deed and secure a loan with the document, without other family members’ knowledge, which usually contributed to family conflicts, especially when one fails to pay the loan and the land is sold by the lending institution.

One of the area residents, David Kaberia echoed similar sentiments saying it was important for the family to be in agreement before using the title deed as collateral to secure a loan.

Kaberia urged those who got the title deeds to keep them safely, especially the widowed so as not to be influenced by their children to sell the land aimlessly.

By Muguongo Judy

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