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Absenteeism by members of CDICC not allowed

Absenteeism  by Members of County Development Implementation Coordination Committee (CDICC) will not be condoned during meetings and projects visits, the Laikipia County Commissioner (CC), Daniel  Nyameti has said.

The  CC noted the habit by some members may slow the Committee’s commitment to ensure that all state funded projects are delivered on time and are benefiting the targeted people without any problem.

“The  CDICC is mandated to ensure government funded projects are well done, delivered on time and benefiting the targeted groups”’ Nyameti noted.

Some  committee members have been absenting themselves without permission while others have been delegating different officers to attend the meetings, thus slowing the committee move to decide on the way forward for projects within their dockets.

Nyameti  who  was speaking during a CDICC meeting in his Nanyuki office, said the committee needs to move faster in monitoring and evaluating all the government‘s funded projects in the area.

The  CC was reacting to the County Director of Presidential Unit, Richard  Tutah, who had raised the matter during the meeting.

The CC noted the government is channeling a lot of resources at the county level for various development projects, and asked projects managers who are government officers not to be compromised by contractors, and delay the completion of the projects or approve shoddy works.

He  pointed out development money sent at the grassroots by the government is meant to improve the well-being of citizen’s but not to be squandered by rogue contractors through help of some unpatriotic state employees.

Nyameti  warned contractors who are slow in delivering the projects as per the timeline that their contract may be terminated and awarded to others who are committed.

He  particularly took issue with the contractor of the eight Kilometre Nyahururu by – pass, where the due date for completion is December 19, 2019, but the contractor has requested for 600 days extension.

By  Margaret  Kirera

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