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The National Council of NGOs has urged political leaders and their supporters to remain calm and peaceful as the country awaits the Supreme Court verdict on the presidential petitions.

The council urged the concerned parties to accept whatever court decision, since Kenya respects the rule of law, hence we should all accept Monday’s ruling.

Speaking on the sidelines of a national Peace stakeholders meeting, the Council Chairman Stephen K. Cheboi said when the court makes its final ruling on the August 9 presidential election, everyone should respect the verdict to enable the country to move on.

He said whichever direction the Court takes, Kenyans are law abiding and the country should remain peaceful and allow reason and sobriety to prevail.

“It’s clear Kenya’s democracy has matured and what the Supreme Court is doing is to enrich the entire process of free, fair and credible elections,” he added.

Cheboi said Kenya was leading by example as the regional economic and social powerhouse stressing that what remains is for Kenyans to embrace the government that the court decides is legally in office and move the Country forward.

He stressed that the ruling should in no way divide the country and that life would go on even as the process is finalized.

“The NGO Council lauds all the lawyers from both the petitioners and defenders for doing their best and now it’s time for the court to give their verdict, while Kenyans should move on peacefully,” Cheboi said.

The NGO Council and its members with other stakeholders is conducting a National Peace drive across the country through its recently launched ‘National initiative RibbonPeace Campaign’ to rally all Kenyans to accept the verdict of the Supreme Court and ensure all Kenyans remain united and peaceful, even after the much awaited Supreme Court ruling is made.

By Hamdi Mohamud

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