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Administrative police give a helping hand to Family of twelve

A family of twelve living in desolate state in Mogenche village, Bomachoge Borabu Sub-County in Sengera location were treated to a surprise when members of their community including the Kenya Administrative Police came to their aid after images of their living conditions made rounds on social media with a cry for help.

Speaking to local journalists, the family of Henry Nyabuto claimed that they were rendered homeless with no means of survival due to poverty and periodic chronic illnesses that had ravaged their family.

While doing his rounds, a member of the community was alerted to the harsh conditions this family of twelve had been living in and thought it wise to engage local journalists to see what aid they could get from the community and well-wishers.

Local journalists responded to this clarion call by posting pictures of their desolate state of the family on social media and the community responded positively among them members of the Kenya Administrative Police.

Local journalists accompanied by Kisii County Police Commander Francis Kooli and other aides visited the family and offered financial and food support to the family. They also provided money to enhance construction of a house for the family.

Speaking to journalists and the community, Kooli commended the good work done by the men in the uniform and the community in general and reminded the audience that the police do more than just arresting people and in fact one of their biggest roles is to serve and protect each and every member of the society. He urged the community to report cases of police misconduct.

“For a very long time the society has viewed the police as unfriendly. Some of us even disappear into thickets immediately we see them on the road. But what the police have done for this family is a clear show of humanity and humility,” a community member remarked.

By Misheba Alfred and Odongo Bruce

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