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Administrator enhances fight against illicit brew

The local administration in Loitoktok Sub County has promised to step up the fight against illicit brew as well as second-generation alcohol.

Loitoktok Ag Deputy County Commissioner John Kennedy Changandu said the local administration will enhance the fight against illicit brewers.

Changandu warned the brewers and those in the illicit brew business to stay away from the business and venture into other legal businesses.

The administrator said that when the long arm of the government catches up with them, they will be prosecuted and face the full force of the law.

Changandu said the local administration will work closely with local residents and security agents to ensure the crackdown on illicit brew is successful.

He echoed the sentiments of Kajiado South Constituency Member of Parliament, Parashina Sakimba, who called for stakeholders to join hands and fight against illicit brew, which has so far adversely affected many homes.

Sakimba advised the youths and students to avoid engaging in vices which would negatively affect their learning and lives, urging them to be focused on their education and aim for better lives and leadership positions in the future.

In the ongoing debate on Finance Bill 2023, the legislator called for the government to consider amending the bill, saying that while some clauses were good, others needed to be amended.

The legislator particularly noted that the housing levy may not be a priority for residents in his Kajiado South Constituency.

He noted the residents may not be in need of houses but may prioritize other needs, hence the need for its amendment.

Sakimba also called for the government to fast-track upgrading the Illasit-Taveta road, saying the road is crucial in boosting the economy owing to the fact that it passes through very fertile and productive land.

On the issue of youths, the legislator called for the establishment of a conducive environment for promoting businesses run by youths.

By Kimani Tirus

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