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The Renewable Energy Forum Africa (REFA) has announced its participation in the upcoming African Renewable Expo, set to take place at the Nairobi Sarit Center from October 4th to 6th.

The event is poised to serve as a platform for discussions on crucial topics such as green hydrogen, wind, solar energy, energy storage, and E-mobility.

Chief Executive Officer of Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) John Van Zuylen, said that anticipation is high, with an estimated 100 companies slated to exhibit their cutting-edge products and solutions.

The event will host 354 delegates representing a diverse array of 200 companies from 37 countries across Africa.

He highlighted the potential of green hydrogen production, which involves extracting energy from H2O by removing oxygen.

This process yields a highly efficient energy source that can be stored and transported, offering substantial economic opportunities.

“Furthermore, green hydrogen holds the promise of revolutionizing agriculture. It can be harnessed to create specialized fertilizers, tailored to enhance soil structure. Additionally, it serves as a clean and potent fuel source for vehicles and maritime transportation,” said Zuylen.

Astrology representative Peter Njoroge, stressed the transformative power of reliable electricity access in Africa.

He noted that solar energy providers are dedicated to reaching even the most remote and underserved regions, ensuring they have access to clean and dependable power.

Njoroge also announced plans to implement a World Bank project focused on extending the benefits of electrification to marginalized communities and areas lacking access to electricity.

Media and Communication Consultant, Olivia Otieno, drew attention to the increasing unpredictability of weather patterns and extreme climate events worldwide.

She called upon REFA to spearhead discussions on these critical factors, emphasizing the pressing need for sustainable energy solutions.

 Otieno emphasized that the energy conference is not solely an issue of power generation, but a matter of global survival.

Acknowledging the global impact of climate change, Ms. Otieno emphasized that it transcends geographical boundaries.

She lauded Kenya and the continent as a whole for their abundant renewable energy resources and urged all stakeholders to unite in their pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

By Shamim Kambi

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