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Ahadi Kenya Trust, Ford Organization educate Kenyans on governance

Two charity organizations have embarked on educating Kenyans about their democratic rights and what they should expect from elected leaders.

Ahadi Kenya Trust and Ford Organization will engage community health volunteers and social workers to educate people in villages about duties and responsibilities of government officers and those of elected leaders.

Ahadi Kenya Director Dr. Stanley Kamau said the two organizations will first embark on training the volunteers before they are deployed to sensitise people.

While speaking when he met community health volunteers and social workers at Gatheru area in Kiharu constituency, Kamau observed that politicians tend to take advantage of residents who don’t know much about governance and role of elected leaders.

He noted that as the country awaits the 2022 general election, it’s better for every Kenyan to know the constitutional roles and duties of an elected leader.

“Not many people know the role of ward representative, MP, senator or even governor. In the programme, people will be educated on what they should expect from the people they elect to take up various posts,” explained Kamau.

The two organizations, he added, will also empower those volunteers in terms of earning livelihoods as many use their resources as they carry out their duties as volunteers.

“Those involved in the programme will be empowered to ensure they earn something to support their livelihoods,” he added.

Kamau who has been fighting jigger menace for many years stated that some leaders tend to use development projects initiated by the government to inflate their political mileage.

“Many politicians usually confuse their electorate when it comes to delivery of services. Some rely on projects which have been initiated by the government. It’s also important for people to know that a leader is elected to spearhead development, but not to do favours to Wanjiku,” he averred.

During the occasion, Ahadi Kenya donated blankets and food stuff to aged people drawn from Wangu ward.

Kamau called upon administrators from the Ministry of Interior to ensure they give priority when registering the aged into the Inua Jamii cash transfer to those who are taking care of grandchildren.

He observed some young people have opted to leave their children under care of their aged parents who have nothing to provide the young ones.

“It’s a shame when one leaves his or her children under care of the aged parents. Some of the grandparents struggle to get food and it’s better for the aged to be left to enjoy their old age,” remarked Kamau.

By Bernard Munyao

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