Allocate more resources to the counties to spur growth

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The  Narok  Governor, Samuel Ole Tunai has insisted that counties require more resources to spur development and create jobs.

Tunai  said development in the counties cannot be achieved without adequate funding from the national government adding that little allocation to counties was equal to strangling the devolved units to bar them from realizing their objectives.

Speaking on Sunday at Kenegut Primary School in Ainamoi Constituency during a funds drive, Governor  Tunai said there was need for more resources to be channeled to counties.

He  cited infrastructure, clean piped water and affordable healthcare and agricultural extension services as some of the services that require adequate resources.

Tunai   lauded senators for striving to ensure counties get enough funds for development and their operations, saying they have done a commendable job that will transform lives at the villages.

“Devolution is the way to go in terms of development and I praise leaders who are supporting this course,” the Narok County boss added.

The  occasion was attended by Kericho governor, Paul Chepkwony, Senator Aaron Cheruiyot, MPs  Sylvanus Maritim (Ainamoi) and Lemanken Aramat (Narok East) and several Members of the Kericho County Assembly.

Chepkwony  called on leaders to guard jealously the devolution system of government arguing villages have registered great strides in development following devolution.

The  Kericho Senator, Aaron Cheruiyot vowed to fight for more resources to be channeled to the counties for job creation and development. He however challenged the governors to put into good use monies sent to the counties by the National Treasury.

“We are ready to support counties to get enough funds for development but governors must be able to account for the allocation to their counties. We need to get good report on how the funds are spent at the counties,” Senator Cheruiyot said.

Aramat assured the governors that the National Assembly supports saying,“We as MPs have seen tangible development at the villages because of devolution so we’re saying we support devolution hundred percent. We are not saying so for the sake, but because we have seen its fruits which never existed since independence,” the lawmaker added.

By  Dominic  Cheres

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